Porsche AG has signed a collaboration agreement with ClearMotion, a software-defined chassis company, to work together on proactive chassis systems, which they say represent the future of vehicle dynamics.

Under this agreement, Porsche and ClearMotion will collaborate on both ClearMotion1, a high-bandwidth active suspension technology, and RoadMotion, a road surface fingerprinting software for proactive chassis control.

ClearMotion1 works by rapidly adapting a vehicle to the road surface and effectively cancelling unwanted motion up to high frequencies. Combined with RoadMotion, the technologies work together to optimise safety, performance and comfort, using machine learning to crowdsource high-fidelity road surface data that enables a vehicle to anticipate road conditions ahead and make proactive decisions. The agreement offers the potential for Porsche to further improve its already high-performing chassis technologies. In addition, Porsche and ClearMotion have signed a licence agreement.

“Our roadmap is focused on continuing to lead on the driving experience, and vehicle-motion is the next frontier in delivering a markedly superior experience for drivers and passengers,” sais Ingo Albers, vice president of drive systems at Porsche. “This collaboration is intended to lay the groundwork for evaluating an even closer long-term cooperation with ClearMotion.”

Christian Steinmann, CEO of ClearMotion, added that, “This collaboration will create a step-change in the way we experience driving in a vehicle, and for our expansion into the European market. We look forward to creating a fruitful partnership with Porsche and the prospect of building a long-term, cross-brand partnership.”